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Adjust & Deliver


Just as a baseball pitcher alters his delivery to home plate when managing runners on base, From The Stretch (FTS) helps your business modify its approach to it's top priorities while addressing the evolving challenges around you.


Today's business landscape requires doing more with less and can often prevent you from staying on course with developing or executing strategy.


Working with FTS allows you to embrace evolution and stretch boundaries to get to the target faster.


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Each valued member of your team is a vital piece of the puzzle to improve your business.  We help unlock their potential to create a successful and cohesive culture.
Organizations have many priorities.  We provide clarity and actionable steps that quickly put your team on track to priortize what they can control.
  • Revenue Generation
  • COVID-19 Protocols & Planning 
  • Brand Development
  • Multi-tiered Marketing Strategies
  • Strategic Alliances
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